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Toll Furnace Services

Toll furnace runs
R&D test services
Development of new materials or new processes.
Complete a new process or product before purchasing a furnace
Supplement small capacity overruns
Maintain production capacity while your furnace is down for service or maintenance.

1801 FINAL GA RENDER 300x200 - Toll Furnace Services

Lab furnace

12” diameter x 24” tall graphite hot zone
Temperatures up to 1600°C
Vacuum in the 10-5 torr range
Flowing or static nitrogen
Aargon atmospheres up to 760 torr.

HIP furnace

6” diameter x 12” tall graphite hot zone
Temperatures up to 2300°C
Vacuum in the millitorr range
HIP pressure up to 1500 psig (100 bar)
Nitrogen below 1900°C
With argon, helium or hydrogen at various pressures.

Hetherington furnace

10” diameter x 20” tall molybdenum hot zone
Temperatures up to 1600°C
Vacuum to the low millitorr range
Flowing or static hydrogen
Nitrogen or argon atmospheres up to 800 torr.


Processed lab scale HIP toll run
Gas pressures up to 1500 psig (100bar)
Argon, nitrogen hydrogen and more
Ceramics, hard metals, graphite, glass and specialty alloy test products


Thermal removal of binders
Binder removal cycles in nitrogen, argon or hydrogen atmospheres
Removal of binders such as paraffin, PEG, PVA, and others.


Small and Large production runs
Development of ceramics and powdered metal products
Ramp and soak temperature capabilities, combined with vacuum or partial pressure controls
Variety of furnace atmospheres for the evaluation of your test parameters


MIM powdered metal materials run through debind/sinter combinations
Optimization through test environment
Production runs when you are in need


Diffusion pump with 10-5 torr vacuum capability
Heat treating metal alloys in high vacuum
Brazing, carburizing, annealing, tempering and more


Partial pressure, low positive pressure and HIP pressure gas atmospheres
Static pressures or flowed using mass flow controller
Sweep gas conditions at both partial and positive pressure conditions.
Argon, nitrogen, forming gas and hydrogen for ceramics, graphite, glasses and special developmental materials


Molybdenum hot zone rated to 1600°C with 10” diameter x 20” high capacity
Materials sensitive to particles or contact with carbon
Vacuum pump capable of reaching the low millitorr range
Suitable for the development of semiconductor or medical materials


Hydrogen reduction atmospheres using either wet or dry hydrogen
Compressed hydrogen source for dry hydrogen reduction applications
Elimination of hydrocarbons


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