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  • Hot press3 400x400 100x100 - HOT-PRESSING / DIFFUSION BONDING
  • IMG 2785 e1547835962523 100x100 - HOT-PRESSING / DIFFUSION BONDING
  • IMG 2809 e1547835955662 100x100 - HOT-PRESSING / DIFFUSION BONDING
  • Hot press0 400x400 100x100 - HOT-PRESSING / DIFFUSION BONDING
  • Hot press1 400x400 100x100 - HOT-PRESSING / DIFFUSION BONDING
  • Hot press2 400x400 100x100 - HOT-PRESSING / DIFFUSION BONDING
  • Hot press4 400x400 100x100 - HOT-PRESSING / DIFFUSION BONDING

Product Overview

AVS hot press furnaces are used worldwide for vacuum hot pressing, diffusion bonding, thermal forging and powder densification. AVS has built hot presses ranging in size from mini 5 ton presses for R&D, to production systems with working areas over 12 feet across and more than 2000 tons of hydraulic pressing force. Using graphite or refractory metal hot zones, AVS hot presses operate at temperatures up to 2400°C, and AVS welded chambers allow for high vacuum performance to 10-6 torr range.


AVS is one of the few vacuum furnace hot press manufacturers with the in-house capabilities to design, engineer and fabricate press frames and vacuum chambers. Rugged boxed H-frame construction with gussets provides a rigid frame welded, reinforced and machined to reliably maintain the press faces parallel within 0.002″. AVS vacuum chambers routinely have leak-up rates <5µ/hour, and adherence to ASME codes allows AVS the confidence to offer the only standard 5 year chamber warranty in the industry.

In addition to a wide range of sizes and pressing capacities, AVS enables the customer to have complete control of the force, pressure, position and movement of the hydraulic press rams. State-of-the-art electronics enable pressure or force control within 0.025% of full scale, and positional resolution to 0.001”. All pressures, forces and distances are fully integrated with temperature, vacuum, gas conditions in the furnace system through the ACE™ Data Acquisition and Control System. Customer-programmable recipes enable precise synchronization of furnace conditions with ram motion and force, including positional or pressure ramps and holds. Manual jog controls enable ease of set-up and pre loading, and during operation, ACE safety interlocks alert the operator and protect the furnace system in conditions of die breakage, over-temperature, hydraulic overpressure, loss of cooling water, vacuum or gas loss.

AVS is unique in the industry, adept at building custom hot press furnace to satisfy unique customer process requirements, including simultaneous control of multiple press rams, special gas atmospheres, including hydrogen or oxygen, rapid-cooling requirements, custom temperature controls, and semi-continuous furnace systems with vacuum interlocks, integrated mold and die transfer systems, automatic die recharge and part ejection systems.


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