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DeBind - Fast Cooling - 1650°C - Quick Delivery

AVS Used MIM Furnace

Product Overview

  • All Stainless Steel Chamber / Doors
  • Moly Hot Zone with Tungsten Heaters
  • Retort working volume, nominally 18″ x 18″ x 36″
  • Use of argon, nitrogen, or hydrogen with four MFC’s
  • Fast cooling at 5 psi pressure
  • Max temperature 1650°C in vacuum
  • Multi binder collection system for DeBinding

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• Horizontal Vacuum Debinding/Sintering Furnace for MIM Parts, processed in a single batch load
• All stainless steel Chamber, front and back doors, automatic clamps
• Metal Hot Zone, removable, with MLS/molybdenum shields and tungsten heaters
• Moly retort with shelf supports, MLR shelves and gas distribution plenums for uniform debinding
• Vacuum pump discharge binder trap
• Partial Pressure Control System for Hydrogen or inert gas processing
• Quick Cooling System with internal fan and heat exchanger
• Pressure rating: vacuum to 10-2 torr, cooling to 5 psig
• Dry vacuum pump with hydrogen. bum-off system.
• Load Rating: 1260 lb. approx. total.
• Temperature: maximum 1650°C in vacuum, 1450°C operating in gas at 600 torr
• Six zones of heating
• Controls: ACE™ Control/Data Acquisition System


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