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7 BAR - 2200°C - Quick Delivery

AVS Refurbished SH-.5

Product Overview

  • New upgraded controls to a full AVS ACE™ package
  • New graphite hot-zone
  • Working volume nominally 6″ x 7″ x 19″
  • Use of argon, nitrogen, or hydrogen
  • Max pressure 7 bar
  • Max temperature 2200°C
  • Max vacuum >100 microns

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Brand new controls including a full AVS ACE™ package for advance data acquisition, safety, and peace of mind. New hot-zone engineered to run up to 2200°C in partial pressure. Prefect for R&D purposes or small production runs. See below for more details, and call today for a free quote.

  • Sinter-HIP SH-.5; vacuum / pressure sintering furnace with a product mass of up to nominally 100 LBS in a nominally 6” wide x 7” high x 19” deep working zone, nominally .5 cubic feet working volume.

  • High quality carbon steel construction, front loading with horizontal swing door and high pressure locking ring, water-cooled ASME stamped vessel; exterior of vessel, ancillary equipment, and cabinets, epoxy painted AVS blue

  • While in vacuum conditions – 1700°C maximum continuous.

  • While in pressure conditions – 2000°C maximum up to 7 BAR of inert gas

  • While in partial pressure conditions – 2200°C maximum inert gas

  • Heat ramp capability of up to 10°C/min in vacuum up to 1700°C

  • Ultimate vacuum of less than 100 microns with a leak rate of 50 microns per hour or less, in a clean, empty, dry, outgassed, and room temperature vessel

  • Partial pressure range from 0 – 10 Torr
. Designed for up to 7 BAR positive pressure HIP in inert gas


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