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Load / Product

Part Type This is the material the furnace is made with

Mass The Mass of the furnace

Working VolumeThe working volume of the furnace

Muffle /Retortis Muffle or Retort Necessary

Furnace / Application

System Type Please Specify the type of furnace

Orientation Please specify if you would like the furnace to be horizontal or vertical

Loading Please specify your loading type. This changes where you will be able to load the furnace.

Hot-Zone Materials Please specify what type of materials your hot zone will be made of

Power / Voltage Please specify what power scource you will be using.


Temperature Capability

Max Temperature Furnace is capable of operating at any temp. below this maximum specified temp.

Max Ramp RateThis is the desired average ramp rate over the entire temp. range, typical rate of 5-10°C/mi

Max Temperature UniformityThis is a clean and empty furnace, while in vacuum conditions - standard of +/- 10-20°C if not specified

Furnace / ApplicationCheck Here for dry system onlyVacuum Not Required

Operating Vacuum LevelPlease include units

Vacuum Pump Down TimeClean, empty, dry, out-gassed, and room tempurature

Vacuum Generation System

Partial Pressure CapabilityPartial Pressure Not Required

Partial Pressure Min. to Ma. Operating Range



Partial pressures can be from the lowest vacuum specified above up to 800 Torr maximum - system can operate at any level within this range. Nominal ranges are typically from the low mTorr range up to 100 - 600 Torr ranges.

Additional Conditions (check all that apply)

Static, No Gas Flow

Please specify desired DPDifferential Pressure

Please specify total flowTotal Flow

Please Specify binder % by weight and materialBinder Removal

Positive Pressure CapabilityPositive Press. Not Required

Operating Pressure

Maximum Operating Pressure

Maximum Temp. at this Pressure Furnace is capable of operating at any temperature below this specified value

Pressure is Used for: (Check all that apply)


Normal Operation

Product Cooling


Gas Quenching


Process Gas Capabilities

While Vacuum or Partial Pressures

Please include units

Please include units

Please include units

Gas BackfillBackfill process gases are also used for pumping and purging operations as well as guard / blanket gas where application

Positive Pressure (please include units)

More than three (3) Process Gasses - specify in notes

Direct gas injection into muffle or retort

Hot Pressing / Diffusion Bonding CapabilityHot Pressing Not Required

Max Pressing Forceplease include your specific units

Total Stroke Requiredplease include your specific units

Compression at Full Loadplease include your specific units

Additional Conditions (check all that apply)

Please specifyMulti-axes or Multi-rams

Ram Position Feed-back

Please specify belowPunch and Die

Additional Requirements or Specifications, Comments, or Added Information

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