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Field Service



AVS will send one of our seasoned engineers to asses a furnace for repairs, refurbishment, or upgrades. They will need approximately 4 to 6 hours on site, and will provide a full report on the state of the furnace. This includes a list of repairs, replacement parts, and optional upgrades.


For owners of AVS furnaces with ACE™ Controls, troubleshooting is no more than a phone call or email away. AVS can remotely connect to an ACE™ Control system to efficiently diagnose operational mishaps, and correct programming issues.

AVS is also willing to assist owners of furnaces not equipped with ACE™ Controls. This requires a site visit by a Field Service Engineer. AVS employs engineers experienced with a variety of control systems. Over many years, AVS has helped customers all over the world.


AVS offers regular furnace inspections to ensure safe operations. Identifying wearing components and scheduling replacements is vital to furnace safety. AVS sinter HIP furnaces (and other furnaces with locking rings) require that the wedge wear surfaces on the locking rings and flanges be inspected yearly. this assures reliable sealing of the flanged surfaces during operation. AVS maintains a staff of skilled field technicians, capable of performing field inspections, and repairs when necessary.


All AVS furnaces include maintenance manuals with recommended service intervals for preventative maintenance tasks. To help you keep your furnaces running, AVS offers on-site Preventative Maintenance personnel training or scheduled Service Agreements.

For PM Training, AVS Field Service Technicians will walk your maintenance personnel through the various care points on your furnace. Hands-on instructions and service pointers ensure furnace life. On-site PM Service can be performed on an as needed basis, or scheduled on-site Service Agreements. Service agreements allow AVS technicians to come out during pre-planned down-time


AVS has programmed controls and instrumentation for temperature uniformity, heat ramping, cooling rate control and more. AVS Field Service Engineers are available to go on-site to install software, modify programs, or re-program your furnace controls.

For AVS furnaces with ACE™ Control Systems and internet access, program modifications can be performed remotely. AVS software engineers or service technicians download patches or bug fixes without a site visit. As part of our lifetime technical support, AVS is willing to implement small changes to your ACE™ System at no charge. An example might be, if you decide to add temperature displays to a different display screen, AVS would perform a modification and implement it remotely. More complex ACE™ program changes can also be performed remotely, though a nominal programming charge may apply.

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AVS includes two training opportunities at no charge to our customers purchasing new furnaces. The first is usually within the two days during the pre-approval testing at AVS. A second lasting two to four days is performed at the customer site during final commissioning. Additional training is available if needed, including refresher training, or comprehensive training for personnel interested in a more thorough understanding of the equipment’s operations and maintenance.



If your furnace cannot perform to your expectations, AVS is ready to help. Older AVS furnaces can be upgraded with the most current controls, instruments, new accessories / hardware. If your furnace is by another manufacture, AVS is willing to upgrade its components as well.

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Level 1

Standard Installation Guidance

Complete set of photographs, guidance by telephone, email or internet to assist the assembly and installation of your furnace

Level 2

On-site Installation Supervision

Technician(s) on-site to direct assembly of and installation by the customer

Level 3

Installation Assistance

Working technician(s) on site to assist you with assembly and installation of equipment

Level 4

AVS Installation

Working technician(s) on site to uncrate, direct rigging and placement of equipment, completely assemble and install equipment at the your location


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