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Control Systems


The AVS ACE™ Control System allows easy, intuitive recipe creation and management. Each ACE™ Control System has a custom-configured graphic display, unique to each furnace, and is custom programmed to allow you complete recipe control of your most critical process parameters. Continuous data recording of all digital signals allows you to chart the most important data together in custom combinations for meaningful review of key parameter correlations. Continuous data recording also enables quick access to the run history of the furnace for reference, or even live side-by-side comparison of the current run to a benchmark run.

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Advanced controls for…

Hydraulic Force


process weight

gas flow

differential gas pressure

gas chemistry



convection gauges

capacitance manometers

dew point sensors

load cells

residual gas analyzers

And more


AVS has installed and integrated several stand-alone furnace systems with HMI controlled packages. Many still with data logging, and a feature set similar to the larger ACE™ Control System, capable of local system control. AVS HMI systems provide the most reliability in the business. This level package is a favorite for older AVS and none-AVS furnace upgrades with minimal implementation downtime.


AVS has installed and integrated several facilities with furnace SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. The ACE™ Control System is capable of acting as a SCADA master control system, linking several systems, or it can serve as local system control, reporting to a customer SCADA installation. These interconnected controls can share resources such as gas supplies, gas recovery systems, waste stream treatment facilities, electric power resources or other shared equipment.


AVS also offers wireless interfaces keeping pace with today’s technological progress. A variety of offerings exist from an iPad mimicking screen interface of the control system, to stand alone screen runtime applications. We find these are more warranted in University or R&D laboratory settings, where movement of a user is less restricted, facility EMI is much reduced, and wireless network signal are reliable.


The ability to constantly monitor, and react to data separates today’s sophisticated furnace processes from the past. The ACE™ Control System processes every digital and analog point in a system every few seconds. This enables dynamic process control adjustments by the PLC. In addition to maintaining continuous process control, the ACE™ is also able to continuously communicate with operators, engineering, maintenance, or process control personnel via its internet connection. The ACE™ can send messages, but its remote connectivity also allows data, either live or historical, to be viewed remotely.



With customer-provided high speed broadband internet access, remote access to the ACE™ Control System is available for remote access from a desktop, laptop, or smart media device to check the status of the furnace. In addition to data recording, the ACE™ Control System monitors all PLC signals to provide alarms or alerts for safety interlock controls, or for scheduled preventative maintenance alerts. The same internet access along with a licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook, enables the ACE™ Control System to also send remote alerts, alarms and notifications via TEXT or E-Mail. Also where electricity consumption is tightly regulated, the ACE™ “SMART” Energy Management System has the ability to limit furnace power consumption using either a static, recipe programmable maximum kW draw, or with customer-provided signal, a dynamic maximum kW draw based on power / demand values.


With the ACE™ Data Acquisition and Control System, AVS is able to help you troubleshoot your furnace at any time, often in just minutes. Though sometimes the best solution is to send a technician to your facility, AVS makes every effort to solve your problem as quickly as possible, usually with a phone call and remote furnace diagnostics via the internet. This saves time and money and keeps our customers’ furnaces up and running.


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