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AVS Furnace Upgrades


Furnace Upgrade

AVS offers on-site furnace inspection, repair, rebuilds, refurbishment, and upgrade installation services. Older AVS furnaces can be upgraded with the most current controls, instruments, new accessories / hardware. If your furnace is manufactured by other vendors, AVS is willing to upgrade elements of their furnaces as well.

While designing and specifying new furnaces, AVS takes special interest in determining each customer’s future plans for next generations of technology. Spare ports for future accessories, extra PLC expansion capacity or other preparations for future add-ons can be installed. This type of future-proofing will help you minimize unnecessary expenses of down-time, and retrofit efforts in the field.

We are the only furnace vendor willing to work on
older furnaces orphaned by other manufacturers.

IMG 2160 e1547835893964 1024x1024 - AVS Furnace Upgrades

AVS often receives requests from customers, desperate to repair, refurbish or retrofit equipment that would otherwise remain obsolete. AVS has helped numerous customers successfully outfit effective furnaces by upgrading used equipment of all types, including chambers, controls, instrumentation or vacuum systems. You will get a honest pre-assessment, budget and realistic expectations for the rescue of their furnace.


AVS offers controls upgrades at all levels, from updating a single obsolete instrument, complete system reconfigurations, to total replacement with a full ACE™ Control System.


AVS frequently designs and builds new hot zones for customers with older, empty chambers. Updating controls and instruments is also common if you have, new water systems, vacuum systems, or other subsystems. AVS may also have components or partial furnace systems on hand, which can be used to you offset the costs of fabricating whole new furnace systems.


AVS maintains code certifications to manufacture pressure vessels to ASME Section VIII div I. AVS has also made pressure vessels to PED (European pressure equipment directive), Japanese code, Chinese code, Russian code, and will qualify for others if necessary.


If your not confident with replacing components or rebuilding portions of your furnaces, AVS offers a broad variety of refurbishing services from the installation of single components, to complete rebuilds of complete furnace systems.


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